Our founder and CEO had formed AMMURI™ with a vision, to surround our customers with exclusivity. The automotive market is growing strong, especially in the luxury sector. Seeing the need for originality in this sector created the pathway for AMMURI™.

Based in the United Kingdom, we aim to provide our valued customers with the very best, the best products and the best service. Our lightweight forged wheels are manufactured and engineered with precision. They are made from aerospace grade aluminium and quality is not compromised. Keeping in line with keeping individuals exclusive, our founder and CEO decided to limit the availability of our initial product line, our lightweight forged wheels, to only 25 sets per edition. A bold and strong move, but a move which shows our commitment to this industry, to our customers and to our vision.

Our founder and CEO has outlined a long-term plan for AMMURI™ with our lightweight forged wheels being just the start of this journey. As time goes on this plan will unfold and AMMURI™ will have cemented its legacy in luxury automotive fashion. We at AMMURI™ have decided not to reveal these plans just yet, but to let time reveal them for us. All we can say now is that all our product lines have been carefully chosen and more is yet to come. We hope you can join us and follow us on this journey.

For now, please explore the editions of our lightweight forged wheels and immerse yourself in the world of AMMURI™.


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